Lift & Sprint - Facebook LIVE

$29 p/month

Welcome to Lift & Sprint LIVE! This facebook page was started under COVID to help keep everyone moving during lockdown and now we have hundreds of 20-45 minute workouts that are easily searchable. Choose from bodyweight, strength, conditioning, core & mobility training. We have all your fitness needs covered and all you need is one kettlebell (but more is preferable :)

Our mission is to provide our members with the most well rounded training regimen safely from home.

Try us for a free week and join our growing community of Lift & Sprint members getting strong from home.

$29 per month. Cancel anytime.

Can't wait to train with you!

Nic & Amy

"My gym shut down because of COVID-19. The first 2 months I worked out by myself. I needed the live workouts for my mental and physical health."

- Michelle 

My product on a desk
My product on a desk